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We have built out just the tools needed to get going in your company's first chapter.

We want to offer you a great and cheap alternative than our competitors, with no subscription base and only a one-time purchase, with direct support and updates planned for the future.

Mikkel Hviid, Founder

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A simplified CRM module to keep track on your clients history, projects, invoices, and noteworthy information.


Our template will assist you draft, manage, and succeed with your internal and external projects for valued clients.


We've integrated an easy way for you to keep track of large projects with iterations, using our the milestones module.


Our task management has the tools to support both your team members daily operations, and for you to keep an overview.

Time registrations

With it's intuitive integration, it performs as the backbone of all upcoming reporting, and ensures transparency on your invoices.


A small appendix generated out of all your teams registrations done within the project, ready for your clients to receive.


Excellent project management is critical for the success of any startup.
If you're looking to get your startup off the ground, make sure you have a solid project management strategy.
Without a strong project management foundation, your startup will likely fail.
Achieving success with your startup requires careful planning and execution - project management is key.
Proper project management is essential to the success of any startup business.
Ensure your venture succeeds by using our product

Taste of the overview

Overview of project management

Your workflow panel

overview of tasks with in startup with a kanban board

milestones within a project to show progress interations

Milestones on each project

Get a bird's-eye perspective

calender of all tasks scheduled start and end date

One time purchase

We have a long list of additions coming, which will be added to this product in time, even though the price might increase for future customers, yours will not but the addons will come your way.

Notion Template

Life time usage, no hidden fees, no subscription, just a one-time purchase


  • Project management
  • Task management
  • Time management
  • and the little things...


To help you best on your journey towards more team efficiency, we have compiled a list of questions that are worth looking over.

  • Is Notion necessary?
    Yes, you will need to have a subscription with Notion to utilize this template, depending on your startup size.
  • Do you have materials for onboarding?
    Yes, we have both a template filled for you to see inspiration from and videos available in the provided readme.
  • How do I get started?
    Upon a successful purchase of our product, you will be taken to a Notion page from where you can duplicate it to your own notion.
  • What if I still need assistance?
    You are always welcome to contact us through our email: [email protected]
  • Can I get a demo?
    You can book a demo meeting here: https://calendly.com/bootstrappingtech/demo